Voice Acting 101 Voice Acting for Radio, Television, Film and Multimedia

A complete course that shows you exactly how to become a Voice Actor. I don’t just tell you about Voice Acting, I actually show you how to go from knowing nothing to recording your first commercial, and everything else in between!

Don’t worry if you think you don’t have the voice to become a Voice Actor because YOU DO! The industry is looking for ALL kinds of voices. It’s really not what your voice sounds like but rather HOW YOU USE YOUR VOICE and that’s exactly what I will teach you. Voice Acting is as simple as applying a few hints, tips and tricks to a script and you’ll learn how to do all of that. Plus, you’ll find out the ONE SECRET that will make you stand out as a Voice Actor.

You don’t have to have a big booming voice either. The industry needs ALL types of voices! ANY ONE, ANY AGE, ANY GENDER can be a very successful Voice Actor. You’ll gain all the skills you need to quickly get you on your way.

You’ll learn how to evoke emotion with your voice, how to interpret a script, how to create a one-to-one feeling with your audience, AND the one SECRET that will make you STAND OUT as a Voice Actor.  ALSO, how to set up your studio for next to nothing and get your audio editing software for FREE! All of this and MORE is just a click away!

2 Hour – Learning Experience – $199 – One-on-One Workshop

To find out more  – voiceactinglessons@gmail.com